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How We Are Different

Opposition Research Today

A private research firm might spend 80 hours collecting data from government databases, campaign reports, and social media to write a 190 page report on a candidate. The firm then sells that report to the candidate’s opposition. The campaign uses the report to craft a 30 second TV attack ad, a premeditated debate rebuttal, and an angry tweet.

The watchdogs step in. They give the campaign TV attack ad a “mostly true” rating.

On the debate stage, the candidates run overtime to correct “false accusations.”

The one angry tweet descends into name-calling.

The casualties?

The process corrodes public trust in both candidates and entrenches partisan bias in the voter.

Trains are totally off the tracks, I sort of have regret about the nature of our attacks.
— Tim Miller, founder of America Rising

It’s time to re-think oppo.

Engaging this [millennial] generation as active citizens rather than passive consumers of partisan media may pay huge dividends in future years.
— Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post opinion writer

A greater demand for transparency and responsiveness has supplanted millennials’ trust in government and it’s as close to a unifying political philosophy as millennials have offered.
— When It Comes to Politics, Do Millennials Care About Anything? The Atlantic

How is The Art of Oppo different? We work for the public, not private interests. We’ve heard democracy dies in darkness, so we decided to build flashlights.

Like traditional opposition research firms, we know how to translate the world of government databases and social media into juicy truth about target candidates. We intend, however, on publicly publishing the data and sourcing all the information to force our political system to change with a dose of transparency.

Republican? Democrat? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t paid your taxes.

Charming storyteller? Rhetorical genius? Forget to mention that DUI?

Votes matter. Money talks. When it says quid pro quo, let’s listen.

The Art of Oppo arms the voter with information to cultivate the expectation of truth over partisan bias. Our reports underwrite the attack ad, source the angry tweet, and move the debate onto substantive ground. It’s time to create a new industry standard.

Opposition research, meet the values and expectations of 2019 American politics.

Voter, meet your candidate.