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Candidate Reports


The New Report

Morganne Howell

This page explores how each report will provide transparency into sources and integrate new media to make the information accessible. The format and content will evolve with technical, creative, and design input.

  1. All of the source material for information in the report will be hyperlinked or otherwise indicated.

  2. The information will be evaluated for safety and privacy for the candidate.

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Social Media

Campaign Twitter + Professional LinkedIn + Personal Facebook

Background Information:

Education: Where did the candidate go to school?

Experience: What professional experience does the candidate have?

Organizations and public service: How does the candidate spend their free time?

The Sound and the Feel

Prior to Candidacy:

On the campaign trail:

Let’s follow the money.

Political Contributions:

Federal and state level: Who has the candidate and their significant other supported?

Statements of Economic Interest:

What business interests has the candidate disclosed?

Campaign Finance:

Index the most interesting hits at the top. What individuals and what industries have given the most money to the candidate?

Voting History and/or Public Statements:

What are the candidate’s positions and how do they align with the money?

Skeleton check.

Public records review of criminal history, voter registration, federal and state litigation, liens/UCC filings, property, professional and sport licenses, etc.