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The Financials


A subscription model is the best stable revenue that also allows for content independence.

Soft paywall: two reports viewable before tiered subscriptions kick in.

Once you have a subscription, you can see who else is part of the community.


To have $500,000 covered by subscriptions, broken down into roughly $42,000/month in tiered subscription revenue:

  • Citizens, local groups, freelancers, bloggers

    • 27,000 individual subscriptions at $1.50/month = $40,500

  • State Campaigns

    • 10 campaigns at $40/month ($480/year per state campaign) = $400

  • Federal Campaigns

    • 5 campaigns at $80/month ($960/year per federal campaign) = $400

  • PACS

    • 5 PACS at $150/month = $750


Other potential revenue sources:

  • Grants from foundations that support women in politics, transparency, youth initiatives, government reform, etc.

Eventual revenue additions and changes:

  • Additional revenue upwards of $100,000 from podcast ads once listenership increases to over 10,000 downloads an episode.

  • A subscription for people who want to participate instead of pay: “gameify” the methodology and research system so anyone can volunteer to tap in and work in an editor to build parts of a report.

  • Discounted monthly university bundle subscriptions for students and faculty.

Rules for revenue:

  1. The revenue must be disclosed.

  2. The revenue must allow for content independence.


Expense Yearly for Total Employees
Research Databases
LexisNexis $36,000
Pacer $500
Newspaper subscriptions $100
Guidestar $2,000
Office space $3,600
Computers $7,800
Payroll software $840
1 Website Developer $60,000
2 Research Associates $100,000
2 Senior Researchers $140,000
1 Admin $60,000
RSS feed (Audioboom) $120
Production software (Hindenburg) $95
1 Editor/audio producer $60,000
Subscription/paywall software $300
Legal advice $20,000
Keychain, VPN software $70
Marketing $2,400
Total $493,825