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The Methodology

A white hat for the dark arts.

The research must be non-partisan.

Research methods subject to partisan bias or narrative editing must be strictly controlled. For example, in campaign finance data analysis, the industry categories applied to contributions must be consistent.

The research must be trustworthy.

The site and research must maintain high transparency to gain reader trust. Transparency measures include publishing the vote templates, campaign finance categorization and other internal analysis structures, as well as recording the sources of all the information provided. Secondary analysis sources must be approved.

The research must be innovative.

The research will include issues that matter to important demographics, local issues, etc. Research methods will also scoop unusual and interesting information through dark web searches, browser search history FOIA requests, school yearbooks, etc.

The research must be efficient, but thorough.

The research will use many of the tools and techniques applied in traditional opposition research, while each will be re-evaluated for efficiency. Templates will be used where appropriate to increase research speed.

The research must operate within established boundaries.

The organization will establish boundaries for what qualifies as opposition research to maintain research integrity. For example, public record information will be used exclusively, while PI tracking is not accepted research. The organization will also review information for the privacy and security of the candidates.